Life Coaching

Coaching is an on-going conversation where encouragement, guidance and honest feedback are given, as YOU pursue YOUR personal and professional goals.


My coaching involves the ability to understand you: to live where you live, think how you think, and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, I will place another perspective on top of yours stretching and growing you to gently see a different way. As a certified coach, I can see what you are going through and things you are going to go through. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside and adding value to you. I build a relationship with you, becoming part of your team as we work together to guide you and teach you to be accountable to yourself and your goals. YOU will define the agenda. YOUR results will vary depending on how long we work together and what actions YOU take!



Coaching is:


Coaching is a marathon. In the running world a marathon is 26.2 miles long, while a sprint can be as short as 50 yards. A sprinter can run his event, shower, change, and be home, long before a marathon runner hits the half-way mark. While growth and progress can be seen rapidly in coaching, there is usually much to do and it requires long-term thinking and commitment. Coaching is process driven. Normally, we as coaches follow a process, which we usually have put together, based on a client’s specific needs. Much of the initial process I start with pertains to time management, effective activities, and the highest and best use of a client’s time. Coaches assist in identifying challenges. A good coach will stand with their client and help them identify the challenges, then partners to turn these challenges into victories.


Coaching focuses on action and outcomes. Goals are created, strategies are discussed, action plans are built, and the outcomes are monitored. The action plans require execution on the client’s part and the results are monitored by the coach. The execution of plans is a critical component and many times where a breakdown occurs.


Coaches should have a co-creative equal partnership with their clients. When I am engaged by a client I figuratively become part of their organization. I got in this business because I wanted to see others succeed and prosper, therefore; I have a vested interest in the success and growth of my clients. When I’m working with them or talking about their company, I always use “we”.


Coaches hold you accountable. This is sometimes the biggest benefit clients see in hiring a coach. It’s amazing how much we can and will do when we know someone is going to check-up on us. Can you imagine the results you would have seen all these years if you had someone holding you accountable for all those New Year’s Resolutions you made?