Breaking Barriers

Dave Ferguson and Nick Vujicic

In a meeting, Nick Vijucic asked a compelling question

that made me stop in my tracks and realize

THE biggest obstacle in my life was…ME!


So here’s the question…

What’s Holding YOU Back?

 Is it circumstances, the economy, your boss, your health, insecurity, fear, pride…

or are the excuses you’re thinking of right now all related to the one REAL obstacle, which is…YOU?

What if you could hit 2014

with one goal in mind?


Breaking Barriers


Whatever they are, break them!

What if just on the other side of those barriers was bigger success than you could imagine?

What if someone could help you get there?

Well, I’m here to tell you, you CAN break the barriers.

You CAN succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

And we CAN help you get there!

Join us for Breaking Barriers, a 6-month Tele-Coaching Group 

where we’ll cover how to get past barriers such as:

Fear  –  Perfection   –   Lack of Vision   –   Thinking Small   –   Drama   –   Bitterness   –   And more!

You’ll get 12 powerful lessons and motivating support from a group platform

that will help you push through areas that are holding you back as never before.

Make 2014 the year you FINALLY Break Through!


Dates and Times

First and Third Tuesdays – Beginning January 7, 2014

Time:  7:00 pm – 8: 30 pm ET

Sessions are held via phone.

Calls will be recorded, and replays will be available, though live participation will get you the most benefit.

This is an interactive series where we help each other push through the obstacles using a team approach.


Register TODAY! 
Click here or register below. Call-in details will be provided upon registration.

CDR_08102013_0799Dave Ferguson is a “change agent”. Very simply, people come to him because they want results. They know that substantial success requires substantial change and a great deal of perseverance. Dave helps them push through the obstacles – to success. As a speaker and coach to sales-oriented audiences, Dave draws on this training to serve a healthy dose of results-driven motivation that resonates deeply. An internationally recognized mentor, speaker, trainer and coach in the areas of leadership, personal development and professional consulting, Dave Ferguson has helped many business owners, top management leaders, and political leaders transform how they communicate and connect.