Why Resolutions Don’t Work

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Last week, I opened with a discussion around how in December many people start making resolutions for the upcoming year, and less than 1% of them are still attempting to execute these resolutions 30 days later. If you are reading this week, then you must be willing to try something different this year. Are you really? Remember, lists (or as most people call them in December, “resolutions”) are useless without proper focus and a deliberate mindset. Once you have those two things, you still need to develop action plans; but wait, you’re not done yet.  What about executing your plans? 

As I mentioned last week, this coming year, I am challenging you to try something new. You’re reading again this week, so I’m assuming you’re on-board. You see, I don’t like seeing busy people waste their time and energy on activities that are fruitless. They may feel like they are being efficient, but are their activities effective? 

This week, I’m going to share a few more reasons why I believe resolutions don’t work. My goal here is to get you to move over to a system of progress, not one of change. Wouldn’t you be much happier if you had plans that you continued to execute on because you consistently see progress?  Of course you would.  

Let me tell you why I believe most people fail at this type of setting resolutions process.

First, let me recap the first four I gave you last week (if you missed last week, email me, and I will gladly forward them to you, in detail):

1. They get too greedy with their resolutions.

2. They don’t make their resolutions personal.

3. They actually don’t write them down.

4. They don’t make their resolutions visual.

Here are the three additions for this week.

5. They don’t review their resolutions often enough. If you’re serious about making changes and/or progress, you have to review them periodically to check your progress. Just as pilots have to check and adjust flight plans, so must we with our business and life plans. Makes sense doesn’t it?

6. They keep their resolutions to themselves. Why do you think people are afraid to make promises? I believe it’s because most people are afraid to put themselves on the line. It’s not different when we make these annual resolutions. We share them with few to no people. I suggest people tell everyone – and if you’re really serious, take out an ad in your local paper and post your goals for the year. Any takers on this one? Look for mine in the next few weeks. 

7. They don’t have a support group. Why be out there on an island all by yourself? I believe you will stand a much better chance of success if you have a support team and/or group. That is one of the reasons I have started my “Synergy Circles” groups. What’s better than having a team of motivated business owners   around you, strategizing to grow each other’s businesses?  Not to mention, a coach leading the group. 

I’m sure many of you have been setting New Year’s resolutions for years. While I’m sure some of you accomplished things through the years, think about how much you could accomplish with a proven process and system in place. Next week, we will get into these and I hope you’ll seriously consider giving them a shot in 2014. Of course, I’m always available to assist. Have a great week!

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  1. I appreciate your free help. You are a terrific person that cares about others and knows how they can improve their lives. That is remarkable!
    You’ve said you don’t contribute to causes for adults. I believe this is. Thanks for being your genuine self and guiding others. You make seeing changes and improvements in lives conceivable and less scarey.

    • Thanks Rochelle and likewise. We need to reconnect soon!

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