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Last week, we began the journey of how we can develop “Winning Strategies for Life and Business”.  We talked about examining your talents, daily activities and clutter, good and bad habits, and all the roles you possess. 

As we continue, today, I’m going to challenge each and every one of you to take some time and evaluate where in your life and business you truly want and need to make PROGRESS, not change. Then, I’m going to ask you to step out of your comfort zone and start making it all happen. As we continue to discuss the areas you should include in your plan, continue to concentrate on developing the visions, strategies, and action plans necessary to “win” in your life and business. Here are the remaining areas I believe you should include in your plan:

1. What are your money-making opportunities?
Who are your best clients, your most promising prospects, and your top referral sources? Build strategies and action plans to grow with and through each of them. Then, find someone to hold you accountable to do it!

2. Who is on your support team?
Do you have the right people “on your bus?”  Examine this and take action, if necessary.

3. Take a look at all the projects you have stalled on your desk.
Define the desired result, delegate responsibility, and then develop the required action steps to get them completed.

4. Start looking at your desire for personal growth and balance.
Who can you spend time with to enrich your life? Are you spending time with them now?

5. Examine what skills you want to improve and what additional knowledge you want to gain.
Can your mindset be improved? 

Now that you have concentrated on and created for the 10 areas we discussed, I recommend you chunk your goals down every 90 days. Pick Five Top Goals to accomplish every 90 days, and then develop strategies and action plans to make them happen.

By examining the nine areas outlined the last two weeks, you will begin to focus on what’s really important in your life and business. No longer will your life and business run you. You will be in charge of the way your time is spent, the people you surround yourself with, and the results. Will most of you have to step out of your comfort zone? Yes! But remember, it is through actions such as these that we grow. Growth is good!

Are you ready to commit to absolute progress and success in 2014 and beyond?  Consider taking the actions necessary to ensure 2014 and beyond are years of growth and prosperity for you and your business. If I can assist, or if you’re interested in my “Breaking Barriers” coaching and mentoring program, forming NOW, give me a call.

Share your comments below about what absolute progress and success you will commit to in 2014. Thanks and have a great week!

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