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As leaders, it is part of our duty to make sure our employees are and stay energized. So, how do you truly energize your employees? Try these four ways to begin with:

  • What and how you communicate with your employees is just as important as what you pay and give them. Well-informed employees are good and productive employees, simply because they feel involved. The positive effects of communicating vital company information to employees are huge. Employees who are “in the loop” are energized and feel like a vital part of the organization.
  • Involving your employees in decisions that affect them will result in overall better decisions. The collection of employee suggestions is one of the best ways to involve employees and to energize them in the process. Their suggestions cannot only help the company but also themselves, by improving working conditions and giving them a measure of control over their jobs. If a company carefully reviews employee suggestions and quickly implements the ones with merit, management is sending a message to employees that they are valued.
  • The training employees receive is essential for their long-term relationship with your company. The best companies recognize that teaching employees pays long-term dividends. When employees are given opportunities to learn and better themselves, it can electrify an otherwise stagnant workforce. Just the ability to break out of their day-to-day routines can be very energizing in itself.
  • Creating new and interesting challenges can keep employees out of a rut. These new challenges can reenergize them and restore enthusiasm. If you want your employees to feel excited about coming to work, you have to create interesting new challenges.

If you decide to consider some of what you’ve read here today, remember that people today are looking for much more than a paycheck when they go to work. They are looking for leadership. Many employers still don’t get this, and it shows in their production and turnover numbers. My suggestion is to give your employees a chance to make an impact, not just a job. Fire them up!


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