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Over the past several weeks, we have discussed making changes in our goal and planning processes, getting rid of resolutions, being progress oriented, and finally, how to decide what’s important now (WIN). First, I have to ask you, “Are you committed to creating goals that will be ‘musts’ for you next year, and not just ‘shoulds’?”

I think I heard a resounding “yes”, that’s great!  So, now that you are onboard, let’s get down to the business of how you actually create your goals and plans.

First, I’d like to talk with you about getting and staying focused on what’s really important to you. You probably know what you want, but do you really understand why you want it? Do you build a plan to achieve your wants or do you just wish for them? Review your WINs and decide if they are “shoulds” or truly “musts” for you. Once you commit to a handful of “musts”, let’s move on.

I recommend you use a simple plan I call RPM

(Result, Purpose, Methodology).


Identify the RESULT you want.

Regardless of whether you want to double sales or cut your weight in half, you have to identify and spell it out. I highly recommend you do this on paper. So, let’s say your company’s sales last year were 3 million dollars. If the result you want for the coming year is to increase sales by 20%, then your target number is 3.6 million. That is the minimum result you want. Or let’s say you want to increase the number of days and intensity you exercise. The result you might want is exercising five days a week for at least an hour each day. This is the minimum result you want.

Take a few minutes and write down five results you want this year.

Identify the PURPOSE Behind the Desired Result

Okay, now that you have those five results written down, you’ll need to define the purpose behind wanting to achieve these results. Answer this question for all of your results. Why do I want to achieve this result? Do I want to increase sales 20% to increase profits? Or, do I want to do it so I can use the extra capital to buy out a competitor? Do I want to increase my exercise to lose weight, or do I want to be able to compete in a triathlon?

Take a few minutes and write down your purpose for each of your results.

Identify the METHODOLOGY You Will Use to Succeed

You know the results you want and they each have an accompanying purpose, so we can call them actual goals. Congratulations!

Now we need a plan to accomplish them. What methodology will you use to succeed?

I suggest you have at least five steps to accomplish each goal.

So let’s break one down.

Result:  Increase Sales 20%

Purpose:  To increase overall profitability


1. Meet with sales staff and set specific goals with each sales person. I recommend you build in some extra in case you have to let a low-performer go during the year.

2. Build a plan to target your current customer base to go deeper and sell them more.

3. Build a plan to target new sales prospects.

4. Hold each salesperson accountable to the plan (weekly, monthly, and quarterly).

5. Create monthly sales contests with incentives to the leaders.

6. Hold yourself accountable to the overall results. (Here’s where you may need a coach.)

If you truly put the time and energy into developing goals, strategies, and action plans…you’re about a third of the way there. Execution is always the biggest challenge. If I can help you and/or your team, let’s talk. No excuses! Have a great week.

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