8 Quick Reputation Building Tips – Part 2

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This is the second part of last week’s article where we talked about the old cliché, “Under-Promise and Over-Deliver”. It might be cliché, but it is still relevant to having a good reputation.

Here are four more points on how I coach clients on building a good reputation:

5.  Be creative and deliver more. Go in with the attitude that what the customer or client asked for is just the beginning of the relationship. This creates an opportunity for both of you to evolve – and who knows, you may even start helping each other grow your respective businesses.

6.  Keep your customers informed if you’ve learned something in the process that is totally unrelated to what they’ve hired you for. It’s good business and can actually be worth a lot to them…and you.

7.  Deliver something extra without asking them if they need it. There is no promise here, just delivery!

8.  Create your own style and deliver your product and/or services uniquely.

Today, there are many people desperately trying to grow their business through what I call desperate measures. They will put down the competitors, cut their price to the slimmest margins, and quite frankly, lie to prospective customers. If you stay clear of these mistakes and move forward with the techniques I’ve described today, you and your business will be much better in the long run. If you build a reputation with this foundation, you will be able to sustain the toughest of storms and competition.

Take, for example, the story of Daniel Ruettiger, better known as “Rudy”.  You may have seen the movie Rudy about his life (and if you haven’t, you should).  His story is about overcoming obstacles, making mistakes, and getting back up – time after time after time. Even when your reputation gets damaged because of mistakes made, you push on and overcome. Take the time to watch the video below, and the next time you think you can’t overcome the obstacle facing you, just remember Rudy.

It takes a megadose of tenacity and a team of coaches, mentors, and accountability partners, but you CAN do more than you realize.


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