3 Final Steps to Becoming a Failure – Part 3

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Let’s face it; success is hard – and uncertain. It might mean putting in long hours. It might mean learning new skills or doing things that scare you. It might mean some uncertainty and discomfort. Failure is much simpler. If you want to be a complete failure at everything you do, read on: I’m sharing the easy steps with you. And if you’re still set on being a big success, read on anyway, and call me.

9. Stay In Your Comfort Zone

If you ever get the opportunity to do something new, avoid it at all costs. New things are often scary – and scary is no fun at all, right? Stay inside your cozy comfort zone, and never stretch or challenge yourself. A big part of being a complete failure is making sure you never have the chance to realize what your full potential is…let alone reach it.

10.  Get Started Late Each Day

11. Procrastinate

My final tip, before you get started on your lifetime of complete and utter failure, is to procrastinate. Put everything off till the last minute…then put it off a bit longer. Not only will you fail (your report/essay/tax return will be crap); you’ll also make yourself feel stressed. Your procrastination techniques should be things that hold no real interest for you – silly online games, rearranging the jars in the kitchen cupboard, watching paint dry. That way, you’ll fail to accomplish anything, and you’ll fail to have any fun. Make sure you add in a good dose of guilt, too.

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